Wednesday 18 April 2012


I am going to start blogging again.

These are the rules of engagement.

I will not and nor do I ever intend to, comment directly on anything government is or isn't doing unless it is celebrating success where it is appropriate. I was a cheerleader for my old Council. I see no reason why I may not continue to be a cheerleader for my current employer.
I will be calling on my experience of working within local government to inform comment and discussion in that area.
I will be using my experience of using social media as a user rather than as a professional to tell you how things look from my point of view.
I will not tolerate anyone trying to lead me into a corner and give me a good punching when it comes to my current role.
I am currently in a politically restricted post. Therefore if there is a post which you might think is political or apolitical, I assure you it will have been intentioned as the latter.

All views from this point forward are my own. They are not anyone elses. If someone asks me to post about something I will refuse. I have always been and will remain independent and honest. If I happen to talk about policy it will be because I genuinely believe personally in that policy, not because someone paid me to but chances are there will be no policy comment here at all. By association you can assume the same to be true of my Twitter account.

1 comment:

  1. Yay :) Great to have ASW popping up in Google Reader again, and hugely looking forward to seeing how your new post influences where it all goes.

    There's probably a way to link to these rules from every post. Sadly, too many people still profit from taking things out of context.