Friday 20 January 2012

#ukgc12 Day 1

Summary: Awesomeness

Or; happier, more productive.
Or; I didn't realise we were kind of kicking ass as an organisation.
Or; I didn't know I would end up not having time to talk to people.
Or; What on earth was Paul Clarke doing even getting out of bed.
Or; banking security can teach government security but business can intersect with public sector.
Or; I don't think scripts can hack images or rather more importantly resonant images and I think that's possibly the  single most important thing I discussed (with Stef) today.
Or; I can dodge cameras exceedingly well. Good.
Or; I don't believe in no. Or rather, in impossibility. I don't.
Or; Phenomenal energy and talent.
Or; Blistering speed of conversations.
Or; learning. Understand where we are as an org, identifying my part to play in helping change that, and the importance of it.
Or; seeing people who have left happier and more productive.
Or; seeing people who have not happier and more productive.
Or; I don't belong in a box. I just can't do it.
Or; Respect. Admiration. For a man who calmly and quietly states it as it is and as it will be and does so with humour. Mike Bracken is going to need a bigger bus to fit everyone on board.
Or; The loveliness of mischievousness well intentioned.
Or; Death by Powerpoint is not something I am prepared to tolerate any more.
Or; I am too damn gobby for my own good.
Or; At what point do you embrace being a disruptor, understand it's a strength and just go with it? Today.
Or; Work faster at the boring stuff so you can damn well get to the good stuff.
Or; Stop being embarrassed about knowing stuff. Just know share it. It's criminal to not do so, not to do so.
Or; Agile does not fit into PRINCE.
Or; Relinquish control and let the networks do your job for you in communicating your message. If it's a good one, it will get through.
Or; Service users are more agile than us. They consume. Fast. We need to be faster, light footed and leave no trace in our immersion and eventual abandonment of technologies, ideologies, or policies and strategies.
Or; Policy don't need to understand digital. They need to understand outcomes. Evaluation.
Or; Translate and interpret and do it with honesty and integrity.
Or; Be proud of where you work, not ashamed. Be proud of the history, the legacy and the future not seen yet.
Or; Pride and identity is fundamental to a well performing team/organisation/company.
Or; I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.
Or; We are family. Support. Argument and dissention but respectfully and always with good heart.
Or; Leave your issues outside of the room.
Or; Days may start disastrously but can turn around real damn fast.
Or; It's like a day in back to back meetings. Increasingly, the meetings I attend are reflecting in content and weight of outcome at 'work' as they do at 'unconference'.
Or; Awesomeness.

Summary: Awesomeness.

Today was awesome.

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