Monday 7 November 2011

#lgovsm, #1515gov & a whole lot of care

What is part of my job:
Advising 9 Departments and untold sub sections on social media
Writing guidance on social media and digital tech in our org
Training 9 Departments and untold sub sections
Keeping up with new tools and utilities I can help people use that are appropriate in their job
'Being' the Council feed
Keeping an eye on all the other channels everyone else has created to make sure they'r ok
Providing some strategy
Inputting into policy
Inputting into our 2030 vision
Sorting content for 2 intranets and 2 external websites
Keeping an eye on local, national and international stats to make sure we're reacting to trends not imposing on people who don't care
Monitoring and feeding back on KPI's
Inputting into digital bids

What is not part of my job but directly impacts on my ability to do the above:
Attend unconferences, talks and events that are free (and often pay travel and hotel myself)
Reading about 30 blogs/official site feeds to make sure I am telling people the right thing and the most current thing all the time
Scanning 2000 Twitter account inputs to ensure I am informed of the things the above scan misses
Building networks to ensure I am informed and kept in the loop for events which are not advertised using conventional means
Building a reputation by telling people what we do, how we do it and why - but not using conventional means
Spend my evenings either running #lgovsm so I learn from other people smarter than me on both a professional and personal level on all things local government and social media or typing up the learning from #lgovsm so myself and others can take something visible home with us from that hour spent in our evenings given voluntarily
Set up #1515gov so I could get an idea of all the things my local gov colleagues do on a day to day basis to better aid my understanding of local government and its workings
I blog so I can share my learning but also learn from others in the comments

All of the above I am not paid to do. I do it anyway because it informs the first section and makes me a better employee, because I do not see the end to being an employee as being 5pm and because I don't mind giving up evenings and occasionally weekends to be a better employee.

I don't expect to be paid for it. I do expect it to be recognised. And I thank from the bottom of my heart those that do.

You are stars and you keep me sane.

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