Thursday 30 June 2011

Sanity check

So. Twitter. I posted a bit ago about how Tweetdeck had folded into a pile of uselessness.

Well, now I'm discovering the irritation of outbound tweets disappearing. I tweeted a physio about getting some treatment for my back and ankles. Both are down to my being overweight and trying to do something about it (don't look at me like that, you might not find gyms boring, I do, so shoot me). Not even a 'sorry, I don't do fat people' back.

Of course she probably never saw the tweet. But I don't know if she did or didn't and how awkward is it going to be for me to chase that up?

Then there are the people who've asked me to post info the Communities of Practice. I have done, solely at their request, tweeted them to tell them so, and.....silence. Imagine if I didn't know with almost 100% certainty that he can't have seen the tweet because it would be uncharacteristically rude for this  person to ignore it. So I know there is something wrong. But what if I didn't? Would I chase it up or not? What is the etiquette here?

In the same way that I am wondering if I am simply not the desired customer for a particular kind of physio, I am now wondering if there are people out there who are sending me tweets and direct messages and receiving no reply, simply because I have never seen then. And those people will never know either.

Slowly, I am understanding Twitters need to take control of 3rd party applications. Because at the moment I have no idea where the fault lies - Twitter or Tweetdeck. I don't seem to have the same problems with any other app, to be honest, apart from Tweetdeck. But Twitter only bought Tweetdeck recently so why on earth are they turning their newly purchased product into a complete lame duck?

I am very confused. I am very frustrated. And I am giving up on Tweetdeck. In the meantime, if you get a tweet from me assuming you know something and you don't, or seemingly following up on something you've never seen, I assure you it is not me going mad.


  1. Surely that's twitter? If you want to contact somebody, phone them.

  2. I know it's difficult for 'normal' people to understand but some of us are really really really adverse to a) giving out our phone number and b) talking on the phone. I hate talking on the phone. If Twitter didn't expect important conversations to be happening on Twitter, I'd assume https would be an irrelevance not the necessity they deemed it.

    I do take your point. I really do. It's just, I didn't want to email with 3rd & 4th and nothing else, which this evening is what it transpires went missing 2 months ago. And those 13 chars were quite important, as it happens.

  3. FWIW: Echofon (for FF) has had a meltdown - an OAuth issue. But, now the functionality appears to have disappeared.

  4. Hmmm. If Twitter are going to make such fundamental changes to service delivery, even when they have said they're going to at some point then I fear they have disappeared down the sucky hole faster than I thought that possible.

    Hmmm. There is some reassurance that it's poss a system issue and not just my tweets (and thus far no one else has popped up saying 'me too' so I kinda still don't know it's not just me).