Monday 20 June 2011

5 min blog post - #localgovcamp (part 3)

The 80/20 rule by @willperrin
The 80/20 rule is something I've written about elsewhere - and yet somehow, in trying to share learning with others, I've once again missed the point myself.

80% of everything I do should be task drive, objective focused, performance indicator measured and efficiency motivated. My problem thus far this year is that 100% of my time has fallen into this category. I have done nothing of;

The other 20% should be idea time. Innovation, the sky is green, tear down the walls, blank paper, post-it note, go find someone to bounce a mad idea off, mini-project time. @sarahlay was the first person to mention this - in that she put the idea of booking some time into my calendar to do this. Then Will came along and in 3 minutes, literally, managed to quantify the issue I'd been having.

All work and no play makes Lou a dull girl. It's no use writing about 'play' theory and sandpits and expecting to fail if I don't walk the walk too. And that leads back to the last post quite neatly, and so we'll leave it there.

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