Saturday 9 April 2011

It's all gone a little bit quiet

Twitter is quite broken.

It begs an interesting question, really. What on earth did we all do before it came along?

People are messaging me and I can't see the messages. I worry it makes me seem rude.
I am missing all the retweets of all the interesting stuff that I would normally retweet on and now post to our Yammer site to share with the people at work as well.
I am missing the idle chit chat. About nail varnish colour wheels and the right size of beautiful leather satchels.
I can't see the #30daysofbiking tag to catch up with how that's going.

It feels just like another layer of life is happening and I can't see it nor take part in it.

Once it's intertwined and wrapped, removing it feels kind of strange. But all the same, perhaps this weekend in drenched sun and full of heat and books, magazines and writing, oh so very much writing to be done, well maybe that's just what I need.

But I really must decide what I am to do with #lgovsm - because 1pm on a Friday is most definitely not working.

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