Thursday 2 December 2010

No, thank you

You don't do things for thanks in local government. If you did, you'd die waiting.

But militant optimism takes a sore beating when you've put hours, nay days of time into getting something to work, working around CMS issues and API issues which require paths on virtual servers which we think mirror meaning pages served can come from either server a or server b, making tying an API key to a dedicated server nigh on impossible, trying to stop vanilla Google maps paginating, yada yada yada and all that happens is you annoy people, make them cross, and cause problems.

You wish you'd never bothered. I actually wish I'd never bothered.

Yep, today, I understood why a small minority of local government workers are apathetic, soul destroyed, with no motivation and no hope.

Then I remembered I get to do fun things in my job and it was all okay again. But still. I kind of wish I'd not bothered and that makes me sad. Really really sad.

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