Monday 18 October 2010

Multiple flavours of geeks

I thought I'd have a play with Google Docs inbuilt drawing programme. This is the result. I'm not part of any of those groups, but I know at least one person who does, I think, fit into each of those categories and a lot who fit into multiple categories. I am willing to concede there might be some D & D gamers who are also Web Designers. I am happy to concede there might be a Programmer who is also a So hip it hurts Shoreditch boy/girl. But in my very humble experience, this is what I sit in the middle of and we're not got to the server engineers, system administrators or ICT project managers yet.

The point I am inelegantly trying to make?

I sit in the middle of absolutely everyone I know. I don't belong in any circle. I just sit in the middle and watch everyone doing amazing things.

It occured to me this evening, reading about the upcoming Leeds Hack, that if I could get everyone I know into one room, all at the same time, without an agenda, that we could fix the digital world. All of it. Completely.

When we build the big society brokerage systems, can we make sure there's a space for programming for free, web designing for free, web coding for free?

Thanks. :O)


  1. "I'm not part of any of those groups,"

    I think you do yourself a disservice..!

  2. I was about to say the same! You're definately in a few of those groups. One group that should be in there that you should be part of is "Free Thinkers". :)