Monday 27 September 2010

A digital commitment

I am a digital bunny but I do hereby declare:
  • To always explain when you're misusing technical terminology
  • To always do the explaining in plain English
  • To always be straight about what the tech can and can't do to the best of my knowledge
  • To own up if I find out from someone smarter than me that something was possible when I told you it wasn't
  • To never use the terms 'reaching out', 'blue sky thinking', 'web n.0', 'thinking outside of the box', or any other vacuous terms unless absolutely necessary and unless they're needed as a bridging tool between tech and non tech.
  • To never laugh when you get it wrong
  • To never rain all over your enthusiasm
  • To explain in clear language why something is absolutely definitely a bad idea technically, but also when I'm saying no because snowflakes falling down an email is just not an option.
  • To explain the geek speak in all forms, repeatedly as many times as asked
  • To tell you when I genuinely don't know something, but to always try and point you in the direction of someone who does.
  • To use the word virus carefully, with due care and attention
  • To look away when you're typing your password in front of me in full faith
  • To inspire and enthuse others as best I can
  • To pass it on, always, and never keep data to myself if it's possible to make it open
  • To enable you instead of always showing you how it's done
  • To ignore your fear but come back to it another day if that's what's needed
  • To pay attention and notice when your eyes are glazing over and step away
  • To not squee, LOL, *hug* or ROFL in a professional capacity
  • To retain a sense of humour, always, because this shit is complicated and all of us want to throw out PC's out of the window at some point
Digital engagement, inclusion and ability should be open to all, not those who were born with the keys.
Digital capability should not be restricted to those lucky enough to be on the end of an unbundled exchange.
Digital speed should not be restricted because of your geographical location.
Digital accessibility should not be an issue. Ever. The software is there, it is our job to ensure it always has something to spell out.
Digital snobbery has no place in this world. Blogeratti, twiteratti - this is about elitism whether you like it or not. Get over yourself.
Digital activism is not militancy.It is not the new army. It is a bunch of geeks giving people a platform to voice their passion, belief and enthusiasm. Engagement doesn't always tell you what you want to hear. Listen. The future is hearing both sides of the story.
Digital worlds can exist next to analogue ones. Analogue tastes better, smells better and the sunshine feels fantastic as you climb out of the freezing cold lake. There will always be a place for it, don't disappear out of it.
Digital friendships are a reality. Treat them with the same respect as you would the friends you meet for coffee/beer. Don't lie, don't disappear without a word, don't assume who the people you are talking to are. Ask them. Engagement isn't just for 'citizens', people need to interact too.

In this world that is changing so fast, sometimes it can feel like ethics are fading away. So this is my commitment to everyone I deal with.

I will play nicely.

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